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Moody? Gaining weight? Irregular monthly cycles? Not sleeping as well? Hot flashes? Any of these symptoms could point to hormonal imbalances within the body.

Synergy Gold presents a supplement that is intended for women of all ages. Total Fem Balance supports classic herbal hormonal balancing in the form of vitex, polygonum and black cohosh, along with DIM and chrysin for protection and support of beneficial estrogen aromatase activity. Calcium-D-glucarate promotes the proper elimination of excess estrogens. Resveratrol and EGCg from green tea are included for maximum antioxidant protection. Vitamins B6, B12, and folate promote proper cell differentiation.* Magnesium and calcium are also included to help support bone and hormone health.

And while taking this supplement can help, there are more things you can easily implement into your lifestyle for better balance. Watch Dr. Mikel explain some of those things.  


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