Thank you for checking back and being interested in our rewards and referral program. 

Building this website is an on-going process, as with all new concerns my first priority is in delivery - that is, ensuring products are delivered in a timely manner. 

Behind that action are dozens of flanking actions designed to make things run as smooth as possible so that I can spend more time searching for and developing products along with patient/customer enlightenment with the help of our excellent doctors.

This is a brief explanation of the Rewards and Referrals Program and how you can take advantage of this program.

Please note that one can always checkout as a guest, but in order to begin receiving points or referral bonuses, one must create an account with our store.


Currently, the actions which gain Gold Point rewards are:

Account Sign-up   200 points

Celebrate a Birthday  200 points

Like on Facebook   25 points

Share on Twitter   50 points

Share on Facebook  50 points

Place an Order  2 points for every 1 dollar spent


Redeeming Points 

Point Redemption Tiers are as follows: 

$10 off      = 500 points

$15 off      = 1000 points

$25 off      = 2250 points 

These can be redeemed toward the purchase of any store items. 


Referral Bonus


Refer a friend or family member     = $5 off for each referral 

Please note that the referee must complete a purchase before this reward is awarded. Referees receive a 10% off their first order. 

The reward tiers and rewards themselves, along with the referral bonus are subject to change. Any future changes will not affect accumulated points. This rewards program is in a trial period and may make adjustments over time.   

If you have any questions about your rewards or this program do not hesitate to contact us!