This document may be updated from time to time, so please check back if you have questions. Of course you can always contact support as well. 

Q. Are your products made in the USA?
A. Yes. All of our products are made in the USA in FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities, which are subject to strict Current GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Standards. Some raw materials that make up our formulas are sourced in other countries, third party tested for purity and potency.

Q: Are your products prescription or pharmaceutical based? 

A: No. Our products are considered dietary and/or nutritional products. 

Q: What do you mean by "clinical grade"? 

A: In our context, what we mean is, we source our products from companies that specifically cater to doctors and other health care practitioners. Indeed, our products are used in a clinical setting, at the Health Clinic of Des Moines which is how we know they work. Our ingredients and formulas are made from only the highest quality, third party tested materials and have been put through rigorous use in a clinical setting.   

Q. When will my order ship?
A. All orders are usually shipped within 24-48 hours of the order being received. Please note that orders placed Friday, are generally shipped the following business day (Monday). In addition, orders which take place on or would normally fall on a day that is a National holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas would be fulfilled the following business day. 

If you have questions about your order or are missing a tracking number PLEASE contact me immediately so that I can personally expedite the fulfillment.  

Q. How long does it take to see results from your products?
A. There are many factors that go into the speed at which one may see results. For herbal products, the general rule of thumb is roughly 3-4 weeks of consistent usage at the correct dosage. Yet for something such as a digestive enzyme, the result should be seen in the alleviation of digestive complaints and can happen after one meal (as they are taken with each meal) but generally one may not become aware of the change for a few days or week. Yet still some may not experience results with some products, or at least not that they are aware of. For example, the Methylation Synergy Supreme product may not show noticeable results within the first month, yet may begin to show results that would show up on lab work (lowering of homocysteine levels). While such a result may show up in lab work first, before symptoms are alleviated or quelled, one can expect the body to correct itself over continued usage especially if one has the MTHFR gene mutation. Other factors that may affect seeing a result would consist of the correct dosage for YOUR body as well as the timing to take the product and whether it is taken with food. Finally, some people have very poor digestion and may not even assimilate other products until that condition is addressed. Those wishing to rule out mal-absoprtion of a supplement due to faulty digestion, should consider taking it with a digestive enzyme and some food. Many herbs work in very subtle ways and should be taken between meals. Refer to the label for each product along with the accompanying video on each product’s page. And of course you can always contact support.

Q. Do you sell your products in any retail locations?
A. The only place that we carry our products in a retail fashion is through the Health Clinic of Des Moines in Washington State (prices may vary). Ways to attain our products will be made known through this website as it happens. Currently some are offered through Amazon and others, through this website.

Q. Are your supplements safe?
A. Yes! As long as one follows the recommended dosages (or modified dosages under doctor supervision). Our supplements are used on a daily basis in the Health Clinic of Des Moines with patients looking to regain some aspect of their health. They are formulated with a science first approach and manufactured to the strict standards of cGMP (current good manufacturing processes) in FDA registered and inspected facilities inside the USA. We do not carry fringe products, nor untried or unproven products.

Q. Do any of your products contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?
A. Absolutely not! My goal has always been to carry the highest quality and most efficient formulas. GMOs will never be part of our supplements.

Q: Why don’t you have a multi-vitamin?
A: We are looking for one that fits our standards. Most multi-vitamin & mineral formulas out there contains synthetic vitamins. In order to put “x” milligrams of Vitamin “A,B, C, etc” it needs to contain a measurable source and that comes from synthetics. Synthetics are isolated compounds of a particular vitamin, however they tend to lack the co-factors that the body loves to have in order to properly use. So while I am not against a pure synthetic, ie of the highest quality and purity, I’d also want that product to have whole food vitamins that do contain the non-isolated portions of a vitamin source. Thus, this is why I stress in many places to make the foundation of your health come from eating high quality, preferably locally sourced, organic foods. Lots of veggies and some fruits, lots of variety. If you eat meat, don’t eat farmed fish or animal products raised on antibiotics. The better option is organic meat. The best option is probably locally sourced, humanely raised, organic meat not raised on any sort of GMO grains or corn, but rather grass and other sources to allow a variety.

Q: What if I want to return an item, or get a refund, or cancel my order?

A: All of the specifics on returns, refunds and cancellations are covered on their own dedicated page. Please click here to read our policy.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please drop me a line!