Synergy Gold Supplements

Our Mission

1) To help educate and orient a person to better understand their body, in order to be healthier and happier and thus have a greater potential to live a full and meaningful life. 

2) To provide high quality supplements, derived from both eastern and western formulations that are backed by science and/or align with the established healing technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Included here is adequate support on their proper usage to get the intended results.  

3) To help enhance the lives of others through education, so that people can have enough information to choose a more sustainable, balanced and healthy lifestyle. 


Our Story

As a consumer of supplements, I've tried many over the years, but was frustrated by the disparity in quality and the lack of information on how to get the most out of them. It was a lack of trust due to my personal experiences with supplements that ultimately lead to the formation of the Synergy Gold brand in late 2016. 

My initial intentions were simple: to provide access to high quality supplements that are proven, workable and produce the expected results. 

It was in 2017 that I approached my friend and personal doctor, Lynn Mikel and proposed the idea of creating an alliance of sorts. A brand that is essentially backed by a great doctor, with over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Mikel became an integral part of the formula and ultimately the first part in my vision of drawing on both western and eastern healing formulas.

Drawing upon access to the manufacturers of the supplements she had already been using for a number of years in her clinic, we were able to bring some of these to market (and continue to). Our manufacturers specifically cater to health care practitioners and thus I knew the science and quality aspect as well as clinical proof was already there.

In 2018 I met and approached Charlyne Coke, another ND and licensed Acupuncturist who herself has a wide range of knowledge and experience. Equally important to the vision and direction of the company, her extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine completes the vision of combining east with west.

Case in point, while many western supplements address deficiencies, many eastern supplements address both deficiency AND excess within the body, thus creating a dual-philosophy approach to integrative health. This is the basis and  philosophical approach to our growing supplement line.

We are strong believers in preventative medicine as well as empowering people toward being responsible and knowledgeable about their own health. Thus we have and will continue to produce free educational content along with maintaining an open line to our customers for proper support and usage of our products.   

While clean food, pure water, quality sleep and stress reduction plays the most important role one can take toward getting or remaining healthy, a supplement is, as the name implies, something that is added to your foundation of health. 

My goal is not to sell you supplements if you don't need them. It's to provide these nutritional tools to you when needed along with adequate support on their proper usage, so that you get the most out of them. Sometimes when I am asked what I do, I tell people, we are an educational company that happens to sell supplements as tools to aid in achieving greater health and happiness. Having personally gone from very poor health to healthy, I cannot stress the importance of education as it pertains to the basics of HOW to live healthy. 

The core philosophy of Synergy Gold, simply put, is to educate, empower and to provide access to potent nutritional products typically found in a Naturopath's office, so that you can use these tools to help you get on with living the life you want. 

About Me

So with that, you may have wondered how or why I became interested in the area of health and supplements. When I was 14 my mother passed away from breast cancer that had spread into her bones. The repercussions of that incident on my life were profound and devastating. I essentially remained parentless from that age onward and re-located to Los Angeles where I was forced to grow up quick but having had no guidance in life and not coping with the loss well, I turned to a lifestyle of alcohol and other poor choices that eventually took a toll physically and mentally. Despite the inner turmoil, I studied and researched many aspects of health over the next several years but didn't know how I could help people beyond those in my immediate circles. At that time, I didn't care much about what happened to me, I just didn't want to see other people suffer. Thankfully, my experiences have also made me resilient and while it took long to crawl out of that darkness, I became even more passionate about helping people live healthier and happier lives and the path eventually lead to Synergy Gold, with one of it's primary missions based on education and prevention of disease.  

No matter how dark life has seemed at times, my goal has always been to help others be better. In 2012 I authored a self-published essay/book on Human Trafficking which I made available for free (download it here: trafficking-book-final). I've worked with various non-profits over the years including my local Farmer's Market, Churches and groups to help at-risk youth.

I've also been active in the community in the fight for our food (and other) freedoms and try to use my camera to help spread awareness about certain social issues. Outside of this focus I enjoy photography, writing, outdoor activities including hiking, camping, sailing and traveling to meet new people, along with experiencing other cultures and ways of life. 

I believe firmly that we are as valuable as we can help others, but neither can we neglect ourselves in the process. Thus Synergy Gold is my personal full circle.

I am always happy to hear from and speak with people, so please don't be shy if you'd like to communicate something. 

Thank you for reading.