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In 2009, Science Daily estimated the cost of digestive diseases in the United States to exceed $141 billion per year!

Yet whether one eats healthy foods or has a poor diet, everyone can be helped by taking a digestive enzyme. Modern Digest Complex has been synergistically formulated by a team of scientists and doctors in coordination with health-care practitioners toward the purpose of helping their patients in the breakdown, digestion and assimilation of today's challenging diets which include proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fats including harder to digest compounds ie gluten and dairy. Another thing missing from many formulas today is bile salts. More people need this sort of help than ever as lipase can often come up short especially when a person, living in today's toxic world, has an overburdened liver or gallbladder insufficiency.

Some pro-tips for better digestion include; Chewing your food well before you swallow. Don't drink too much liquid with your meals. Relax and take a deep breath to help kick in your para-sympathetic nervous system! Take 1 (or as directed) with each meal, some benefit by taking 1 capsule before, some during and some after a meal. See what works for you! Please note, these enzymes are derived from a fungal base, while the Pepsin and Ox Bile are ethically derived from animal sources. USA Sourced and manufactured.

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The Value of a Digestive Enzyme 


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