Your Journey to Health

Justin S

When you’re sick, or feeling unwell, especially if it is a chronic issue it can be confusing about where to start to fix the issue. You ask yourself, how can I undo this horrible condition I am in?

You may have heard that our bodies replace our cells every 7 years. This statement is a little too generalized to be of any actual use and it’s misleading and frankly, untrue in it’s generalized form. The truth is, different parts of our bodies replace different cells at different rates and as needed. The only cells that apparently never get replaced are neurons in the cerebral cortex.

As this isn’t a science blog, but a blog about your health, what you need to know is, your body isn’t something that is static or finite in it’s current state or when you were born. You can go from good to bad health and from bad to good health. Both takes work. To become unhealthy, requires a recipe and that recipe is quite different for everyone, with only extreme modifying factors that affect all of us. For example, if 10 people received fallout from a nuclear blast, all the bodies would be affected by radiation. The difference between the people would be the rate at which they die or manifest that sickness.

My point with this is, some people can smoke and drink their whole lives and die at 98, where on the corollary a person can eat seemingly healthy, exercise and die at 40 from a heart attack or cancer. This makes the body seem like a mysterious machine with no instruction manual. Thus the confusion about what to do to fix it.

Science is paving the way in discovering WHAT or HOW TO affect the behavior of certain cells and by this theory they can then create medicine for specific conditions. But thousands of years of herbalism (and other healing practices) in India, China and other places tells you that a lot of the problems our bodies are faced with have been mapped out. Science just wants to know why, the the Pharma companies as well as their business model is based on supplying their drugs to you at hefty prices – the kind of prices you tend to over look when you are sick and dying.

But there are many things you can do to reverse poor health TODAY.

And the very first of those things is quite simple:

Stop doing the things that are making you (or contributing to being) unhealthy.

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