Synergy Gold Important Updates

Synergy Gold Important Updates

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Hey Folks! 

This is a non-health related blog post. I wanted to update and share some of the exciting things that are happening "behind the scenes" here at Synergy Gold. 

Update #1

I've recently created a group on Facebook called Synergy Gold Health. My primary intention with this group is to have a place where we can meet, discuss and learn about health related topics as well as stay up to date on Synergy Gold's development. It is also a place where I hope to be able to draw upon your wisdom and gain feedback on our product offerings. 

To this end we will have contests, giveaways and here also we may include product testers. Let me explain. Synergy Gold really is dual-philosophy in it's approach to health in that my original vision was to take both western formulated supplements AND eastern formulated herbals and combine them to the end of resolving certain health conditions. 

Yet, as Dr. Mikel and Dr. Coke would agree, so much of regaining health lies within changing one's lifestyle, everything from proper sleep, proper stress management, exercise or physical activity (movement is life after all), last and certainly not the least, proper food for YOUR body. Where I see supplements fitting into this equation is not to do the heavy lifting most of the time, but as a "supplement" to these other actions. That is where people get the best results. 

Sure it'd be great to get instant gratification, pop a magic pill and be fully healed in under 5 minutes. Unfortunately, that's the stuff of Sci-Fi. The next most unfortunate thing is that many people are under the illusion that such silver bullets exist. They really don't. Over the years you may have not consciously "worked hard" to become unhealthy, but for whatever reason, if you're here then maybe you perceive that a change is needed in that department.  

Getting healthy or remaining healthy takes patience, persistence, guidance and knowledge combined with the physical factors cited. We cannot supply you with patience or persistence, but our goal is to provide some guidance through knowledge.   

The Facebook group will be centered around any of these aforementioned topics (diet, sleep, stress, food) as they relate to health. Anyone is free to join. Drs. Mikel and Coke along with myself will be taking active part in this Facebook group and we hope to see you there. 

Join the group here:
Synergy Gold Health Facebook Group

Update #2

Next, Dr. Coke and I are currently researching and looking to offer some time-tested Chinese herbal formulas for health. I am VERY excited about this personally as I am a HUGE believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbs. My biggest apprehension about Chinese herbs was the sourcing as I didn't want herbs grown in poor conditions subject to environmental toxins, overseas and therefore out of reach, where I could not oversee the quality.  

I have a certain set of criteria that includes all such herbs must be either organic or wild harvested, third party tested, processed properly and in a space that is certified by the FDA and conforms to current GMP (good manufacturing practices). And ideally, sourced in the United States!   

I've found a place that so far checks all the boxes. Dr. Coke and I are currently testing these products. I will be making a trip in early May to tour the facility and will update when relevant.

Personally, I attribute Chinese herbal medicine to having saved my life ten or so years ago. I know the power of these formulas, some of which are thousands of years old and have withstood the test of time for both efficacy AND safety.

Just as I know the efficacy of the formulas that Dr. Mikel has been using in her practice for several years. The combo of the two health technologies merged, and having two expert doctors on the team to help guide this effort is a dream come true. 

And so I invite you too, to be part of this. Currently, the best way is to be part of the Synergy Gold Facebook group (and bear with me there, we're just getting going so hang in there).

To your health. 


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Dr Lynn Mikel
Dr Lynn Mikel
Well done!

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