Some Tips on Inflammation (Video Post)

Some Tips on Inflammation (Video Post)

Justin Suyama

We've recently released a powerful inflammation tamer. It's called MoveFree Inflamma-Eze. It contains some key herbs and proteolytic enzymes designed to combat inflammation at the source. This product is great for many different forms of inflammation including:

  • Joint inflammation
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Infections which cause inflammation
  • Certain stomach conditions
  • After work-out 

Personal usage note: 

The bottle indicates 2 caps per day between meals. It's important to take this between meals as you don't want the proteolytic enzymes to be tasked toward digestion, but rather working at the inflammation sites via blood. 

And 2 is what I would consider a maintenance dosage. Under acute conditions, I've taken 3, 3x a day equaling 9 capsules. It's advisable to speak with your health care provider about increasing dosage for YOU, however, this is a very safe formula! 

And now, please check out the inflammation video given by Dr. Coke on a couple things you can do to improve the inflammation within, outside of taking this supplement. 


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