Magic Bullet Nutrition

Magic Bullet Nutrition

Justin Suyama

There are no magic bullets in nutrition or health. There are no shortcuts to getting healthy or losing weight. That “instant gratification” concept may have been pushed from certain sectors of society, or it simply is a byproduct of our “fast times” which we find ourselves at present.

Anyone trying to sell you a magic bullet supplement is trying to sell you ocean front in Montana. It does not exist.

It’s comparable to the “get rich quick” schemes. Most “get rich quick” people live in an instant gratification mindset. I know of no line of work, short of tax extortion, that makes people rich quickly. And the chances of winning the lottery are quite slim.

Yet we can certainly lay out some baseline fundamentals which can help you to reclaim your health, ideal weight or what have you.

Life requires a few things, a formula if you will, which can help you achieve a better state of health, or a slimmer waistline, or more muscle or whatever standard achievable by the our human bodies. It’s very cause and effect. You drink like a fish for 30 years and your chances of having cirrhosis is higher than someone who hasn’t. But then you say, well I’ve heard stories about people who drank and smoked until they were 100 (George Burns?) and they were fine. Okay good, but that’s not your body, your genes, or your mental state. That’s someone else. There are no guarantees. You might be able to get away with it like Mr. Burns did (and many others), or you may not.

Thus the first concept which is to me, probably the most important.

  • Balance! This is very important. In fact in Chinese medicine balance plays a central role to that entire field of healing and medicine. A symbol of that balance is the ying/yang symbol. But what does this mean to the everyday person? It means practicing moderation. Switch up your activity levels, eat different foods, don’t work 10, 12, 15 hour days. Always drink coffee in the afternoons? Try black tea instead. Good balance is not only good for your body, but good for your mental health as well. “All work and no play” …you get it. Balance your life!
  • Eat clean food. Look you can get by for years eating crappy food and maybe it won’t catch up with you. Or maybe it will. But we only eat so many meals in our lives. Why eat crap? There are many resources which discuss what combinations of food might work best for you and what types of food according to your blood type. All of these are great if you are specifically trying to handle something. And some of these concepts are fine as a general principle, but don’t get too crazy worrying about it. Remember moderation and switching up what you eat is particularly important.
  • Drink clean water. Read the above. Yes sure there is science behind NOT drinking water contaminated with chlorine and other chemicals.
  • You don’t need every supplement in the book to be or get healthy. You need some basic nutrients that your food likely isn’t giving you. Beyond that, I’d recommend some basic pro-active measures to counteract the toxic society we live in, another by-product of these “fast times.” And perhaps you’ve come here because you already have a problem you are trying to resolve. I’ll cover these things in more detail soon enough.
  • Disconnect from all the noise and electronics. Takes some quiet time away from the electrical input, much of which comes with an unhealthy dose of crap, bad news, problems, injustices, and trivial things that don’t affect your survival. For example, do you feel you benefit by keeping up with the Kardashians? No. Do you need to hear about the latest acts of terror in some other part of the world, for which you can do NOTHING within your power to change or affect? Probably not. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to the world. I’m just saying, don’t pay attention to only the bad things. And if you want to concentrate on something bad, concentrate then on something you can also DO SOMETHING about.
  • Get up and move. This is vital. In fact, you can often get away with eating less than stellar food and drink if you keep moving. Your body has a remarkable power to heal itself if you give it a chance. Movement is the catalyst to keep your body clean. And besides, a total lack of movement is death right? When you die, everything stops moving. Thus less movement is closer to death. And thus, more movement is life.
  • Disconnect from negative people. People who always deal in negativity tend to be unhappy or unhealthy, or both. They can be a literal weight on your mind and spirit and this can manifest in your body. The litmus test could be, does your relationship with said person, benefit you in any way OR do you find it always filled with problems, or gossip or negative communications, not even necessarily pointed at you but about anything? You might find that if you disconnect from the people and groups promoting negativity, especially without offering a solution, that your mental health improves. Especially when you couple this with getting out and associating with human beings.

So in a nutshell, these are the basic principles by which I try to live my life. I find that these things work when applied, but you have to apply them, more or less. So perhaps it is a life change I am suggesting. You can accept any of these points, or reject them. That’s up to you.

I started this article with the assertion that there is no magic bullet to better health. It takes a synergistic combination of the above factors, both physically and mentally putting yourself in the best position. And possibly there are a few others. But this is a great starting point. To your health and happiness!

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