Dr. Lynn Mikel

Juicing is a fun and delicious way to add nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruits in a way that is easy to digest and absorb. The dense nutrients are available then to repair, rebuild and promote the detoxification’s system of the body. The benefits of fresh juice is that most of the enzymes and nutrients are intact able to be used for the cleansing and regenerating processes. Almost all store bought juice is pasteurized which destroys these beneficial properties. Even fresh juice stored open or for too long will begin to lose nutrient potential through the oxidation process with oxygen. It is best to drink immediately and perhaps mix with a portion of purified water.

Juicing fruits is a fun way to start but like we emphasize in the detox groups smoothies add some greens to balance the sugar! All fruits except citrus and melons are good combinations. Add several along with acceptable vegetables, mixed green lettuce, and celery.

Vegetable juicing is more impacting for detoxification and regeneration. Small amounts of several vegetables including kale, spinach, and beets for detox impact are wonderful. A little apple and carrot will sweeten and keep you interested!

Four to eight ounces a day is a nice addition to your diet. It is best to do juices alone, that is in between meals for optimal digestion and absorption of the nutrients that will enhance your body’s healing power. Fruits with protein can cause mal-digestion. Attention to those fruit and vegetable combinations will also optimize digestive power and utilization.

Juicers can sometimes be expensive but often can be found used or on sale. Clean up can be an excuse to not juice often but the health benefits are the pay off! Remember taking time to clean and prepare fresh food is a nice way to reconnect with Nature! She is so willing to heal us if we get back to the foods put here to nourish us!




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