Essential Supplements; What and How to Get the Most Out of Them

Essential Supplements; What and How to Get the Most Out of Them

Justin Suyama

Below is a video with Dr. Mikel on some of the basic supplements that she recommends everyone take along with how to take them.

A lot of people are still taking supplements and then calling it good in regards to their health. For example, some people wanting to lose weight think that taking a Green Tea extract and some CLA is all one needs in order to do that. In some ways, many supplements aren’t the heavy lifters as they are treated by people or perhaps even marketed by some companies, but rather adjuncts to clean food and water, along with movement (exercise or just getting out and walking, moving the body). These latter items being the foundation of a program to recapture or maintain your health.


The role of supplements is to supplement your diet with things you aren’t getting or things which specifically aid you in your goal, whether it be to lose weight or even on something as basic as digesting the food you eat. Some supplements do more heavy lifting than others such as a good digestive enzyme (they’re not all equal, not by a long shot), however even something as basic as a digestive enzyme doesn’t give someone the ability to go out and eat all the foods they know they have trouble with – everyday. Sometimes it takes modifying your food (diet) to what your body actually needs and wants, not what you desire (maybe your body wants more vegetables but you desire a pizza as an example. On a side note,  I’ve found that you can be less picky about food when you do come into a better state of health. Had I a condition such as celiac though, I wouldn’t go eating gluten because I felt good that day).

Lastly, some people get into shot-gunning multiple supplements. 5-10 or even 20 a day! These people are often self-diagnosing and hoping to “find” some sort of relief from their condition. This can actually make their condition worse or at best, doesn’t resolve anything. And this is where a good Naturopath can get you on the right path without you having to waste so much money, or be overloading your body with too many “good things” which can be bad (and even then not all supplements are made to high standards. High quality and actually used in practice to good results by doctors IS the major defining criteria I adopted when I started the Synergy Gold line. Quality trumps quantity every time when it comes to supplements!).  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself with the correct food for it’s type, water, along with some exercise, good sleep and working to de-stress from major non-optimum situations.

So without further ado.

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