Anxiety & Depression Video Post

Anxiety & Depression Video Post

Justin Suyama

Originally I had began to write an article on how I cured my own anxiety, over 10 years ago. This grew and grew into one too many words. Around the time that I realized I was writing a book, I approached Dr. Mikel and Dr. Coke  about giving their perspectives on the conditions (as they are certainly related). From my understanding, it was important to have two doctors with differing fields of study, that is, western Naturopathic medicine and eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

What evolved was a 6-part series. 5 if you don’t count the introduction.

I will likely revamp my own experiences and path of healing shortly. Much of what I wrote is contained in the following videos, I only wish that I had known this stuff about 10+ years ago!

Unfortunately, I’m self-taught in almost everything I know and do. This is unfortunate because I could have saved a lot of time and money had I sought out help and had I access to relevant and applicable information, much of which is contained in these videos.

So without further ado, let’s get into it. By the way my little synopsis before each video does not do them justice. They are packed with lots of information:

  1. Introduction

Who are these doctors and why are they qualified to speak about this? This short minute and a half video gives you that info.

2. Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this video Dr. Coke explains some of the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM was critical in the reversal of my personal condition. And having spent the last 10 years studying it, I think it’s VITAL. The nature of TCM is to encompass all aspects (or multi-facets) and mental conditions are a combination of physical and mental stresses.

3. Internalizing a New Reality

Some questions we tend to ask ourselves. Is this an inherited condition? Do I have any say in how I feel? Dr. Mikel tells her own story and expands on it with some helpful info gaining some power over your thoughts.

4. Finding Balance through Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this video, Dr. Coke expands on the TCM lifestyle and gives lots of great information along with some things people can do, including some acupressure points that may help.

5. The Neural-Endocrine Link

Dr. Mikel delves deeper into the science of the neural-endocrine link. There is a TON of info in this video, too much to summarize.

6. Mood & Brain Chemistry

We wrap up the series delving in again with some science, specifically in regards to brain chemistry. As I filmed this, I kept having epiphanies about my own personal life at various points in time. Many questions were answered for me and hopefully this sheds some light on what’s happening inside our skulls for you too!



Also some simple stress reduction techniques compiled by Dr. Mikel is available to download here: Stress Reduction Techniques

Some of the key take-aways from this series (yours may vary).

  • Don’t self-diagnose. Don’t stop taking your medication without doctor guidance.
  • You can incorporate changes on your own, one at a time and measure their effectiveness for you, however the shortest path is to work with a trained pro!
  • Your food and what you put in your body, as well as your ability to digest that food is critical to the reversal of these conditions. This is something you can and should do starting today. I believe a TCM doctor can help with diagnosing whether your symptoms point toward a cooler (depression) or warmer-hot (anxiety) condition and therefore would be able to recommend what sorts of foods you will want to incorporate and/or remove.
  • As noted in video 6, depending on your propensity in terms of serotonin, gaba, etc. personality, some supplements will either aid you or exacerbate the condition. Thus instead of shot-gunning an array of products marketed as mood supplements, it may be a better option to … work with a pro! Use your own judgement.
  • There is hope. 95% or more of us CAN find balance without being addicted or dependent on Pharmaceutical drugs which, if you’ve watched these videos you should have a better understanding about why they should be a last resort, not a first.

I’d like to thank Dr. Mikel and Dr. Coke for taking their time to share with us, all of this great information. And may this open up the possibilities of hope and support in your journey to greater states of physical and mental well-being. – Justin

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